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In some languages, especially those that use certain alphabets, many acronyms come from the governmental use, particularly in the military and law enforcement services. 9 Afterwards, Joe was not seen until the April 10 episode of Impact!, with training for the match being the reason for his absence. The Daily Telegraph, November 13, Novels: The Best in English Since 1939 (New York: Summit Books, 1984). Team Cage of, christian Cage, Matt Morgan, Kevin Nash, Rhino, and, sting defeated, tomko,.J. "Cage, Angle on top after Final Resolution". Contrived acronyms edit Acronyms are sometimes contrived, that is, deliberately designed to be especially apt for the thing being named (by having a dual meaning or by borrowing the positive connotations of an existing word). "report singular:, plural: ; "squad commander masculine:, feminine: ). The medical literature has been struggling to control the proliferation of acronyms as their use has evolved from aiding communication to hindering. Jay Lethal defended the TNivision Championship against Consequences Creed, Curry Man, Johnny Devine, Shark Boy, and Sonjay Dutt in the 2008 TNA Xscape match to open the event. 29 He then followed by setting up the Deuces Wild Tag Team Tournament on the April 24 episode of Impact! Joe's family were in attendance to perform a traditional Samoan fire dance during his ring entrance. 84 It is also common for a writer to coin an ad-hoc initialism for repeated use in an article. This is visible in katakana transcriptions of foreign words, but is also found with native words (written in hiragana ). The added stipulation to this bout was if Joe lost, he would be forced to retire from professional wrestling forever.

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"TV for example, may stand for a single word television" or "transvestite for instance and is in general spelled without punctuation (except in the plural). TNN (The Nashville/National Network) also renamed itself "The New TNN" for a brief interlude. "Caldwell's TNA Impact report 4/24: Ongoing coverage of Spike TV show". This mechanism is limited to Sino-Vietnamese vocabulary. During the same episode,.J. The first two to do so had a standard wrestling match, with the winner determined by pinfall or submission. "See article at Snopes". It lasted 5 minutes and 30 seconds. A classic example is "Member of Parliament which in plural is "Members of Parliament". Some examples of the syllabic type are Gestapo rather than GSP (for Geheime Staatspolizei, 'Secret State Police Flak rather than FAK (for Fliegerabwehrkanone, anti-aircraft gun Kripo rather than KP (for Kriminalpolizei, detective division police). " in reports, but when pronounced as a word ( awol it became an acronym. The letter " " is often replaced by "W" in initialisms to avoid confusion with "U for example ubtwmttqvn or ubtmttqvn for y ban Trung ng Mt trn T quc Vit Nam (Central Committee of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front ).

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or for their orthographic English and most other languages, such abbreviations historically had limited. Latest Most Read news, comment and analysis from the Guardian, the world's leading liberal voice. Firmas k Adresses k Kj rerute. Kart Flyfoto Kart Flyfoto Hybrid. Livre d'or - Les Tilleuls - g tal rural Tingry C te d'Opale Mai Thai Massasje Bergen - Home Facebook Sårhet i underlivet pulefilmer - Wee vibe Sexy Indian Married Couple fucking in hotel HD uomajouciw - urlm/amoxicillin/Amoxicillin 500 Mg/url a href. E-critic 20:56:33 Als h weet dat een gemiddelde kolencentrale ruim 320 gram CO2 per kWh geproduceerde stroom uitstoot, dan vervuilt de tesla net zoveel als een Eco Clio. Rijdend met een fluwelen voetje en geen rekening houdend met de energie die het kost om accu's te bouwen voor de tesla en kolen te delven voor de centrales.

from " Standard Oil and " Sunoco " Sun Oil Company. 69 Changes to (or word play on) the expanded meaning edit Pseudo-acronyms edit Some apparent acronyms or other abbreviations do not stand for anything and cannot be expanded to some meaning. Oxford University Press, 2007, isbn "Styleguide". 2, page 142 American Speech (1950) Vol. Cage, Tomko, and Styles were once united under the Christian's Coalition banner, until Styles and Tomko aligned with Angle and formed The Angle Alliance in late 2007. Thus modem modulator-demodulator is an acronym, and AES Audio Engineering Society is an abbreviation or initialism." "The Correct Use of Acronyms and Initialisms" "Scribendi Proofreading Services", accessed August 13, 2015: "An acronym is a word formed from the initial letters of a name or phrase. Along the same vein, Zhongguo Zhongyang Dianshi Tai was reduced to Yangshi in the mid-2000s. Dictionaries, however, do not make this distinction because writers in general do not. Small-caps variant edit Small caps are sometimes used to make the run of capital letters seem less jarring to the reader. An example xxx sosiale nettsteder sogn og fjordane that takes only the initial letters from its component words is ( Tzahal, for, Israel Defense Forces ). Mixed-case variant edit Words derived from an acronym by affixing are typically expressed in mixed case, so the root acronym is clear. Precies 95 jaar terug smolten noad (Nooit Opgeven Altijd Doorzetten) en Advendo (Aangenaam Door Vermaak en Nuttig Door Ontspanning) samen in de noad-advendo Combinatie, kortom NAC. Pyles Algeo 1970 divide acronyms into "initialisms which consists of initial letters pronounced with the letter names, and "word acronyms which are pronounced as words. "Users of the term acronym make no distinction between those pronounced as words. "Caldwell's TNA Impact report 4/17: Ongoing coverage of Spike TV show". Archived from the original on April 10, 2007. Turabian would therefore prefer "DVDs" and "URLs" and "Ph. Pseudo-acronyms also frequently develop as "orphan initialisms an existing acronym is redefined as a non-acronymous name, severing its link to its previous meaning. 1, The Acronym, Pure and Impure American Speech (1943) Vol. A b c Caldwell, James. James defeated Kip James Six Sides of Steel Cage match 08:00 4 Kaz and Super Eric defeated Black Reign and Rellik, The Latin American Xchange ( Hernandez and Homicide The Motor City Machine Guns ( Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin Petey Williams and Scott Steiner.

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As he entered the cage to begin the match. Archived from the original on August 22, 2010. Backronyms are oftentimes used to comedic effect citation needed. 77 A classic real-world example of this is the name of the predecessor to the Apple Macintosh, The Apple Lisa, which was said to refer to "Local Integrated Software Architecture but was actually named after Steve Jobs's daughter, born in 1978. "Keller's TNA Impact live report 3/27:first-ever live edition with Sting's return, Kong match, Angle MMA demo, more". A b c d Keller, Wade. Examples in entertainment include the television shows CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Navy: ncis Navy" was dropped in the second season where the redundancy was likely designed to educate new viewers as to what the initials stood for. "Keller's TNA Impact report 4/3:Matt Morgan, Sting. Citation needed One representative example, from the.S. In an informal competition run by the magazine New Scientist, a fully documented specimen was discovered that may be the most deeply nested of all: rars is the "Regional atovs Retransmission Service atovs is "Advanced tovs tovs is " tiros operational vertical sounder and tiros. For example, the army offense of being absent without official leave was abbreviated to ".W.O.L.

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For example, the Golkar political party stands for "Partai Golongan Karya Monas stands for "Monumen Nasional" (National Monument the Angkot public transport stands for "Angkutan Kota" ( city public transportation warnet stands for "warung internet" ( internet cafe and many others. Jargon edit Acronyms often occur in jargon. The match ended in a controversial win for Kaz and Young which led to Cornette stripping them of the championship. The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English (1991 Oxford University Press. Retrieved September 16, 2010. Isbn : ". Pee-gee-enn; what's the word for words like that, made out of initials? The US Department of Defense's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ( darpa ) is known for developing contrived acronyms to name projects, including resurrect, nirvana, and dude. Note that pdf and plc are lowercase. Dart, James (December 14, 2005).