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"She was so faithful and a fighter." Pausing to rest on one of the ship's guns, the excitement and 33 C heat took its toll on Shano's frail body. After the explosion there was a bit of a commotion. Several of the C PO's managed to escape forward through their pantry hatch. Not all of them though, the rules on repatriating those that fell outside Canada had not been changed after the Second World War. She was only a teenager and while working there she came to know William Sorrell who was a regular customer. As we didn't know any girls in Halifax at that time, I called a friend, invited him out for a sail and asked him to bring along three ladies. Canada meanwhile had acquired a new destroyer, HMS Kempenfelt (renamed hmcs Assinibone) and our Gunnery School classes were drafted to her to bring her back to Canada. They could tell it was a Canadian ship by the maple leaf painted on the funnel. A few years ago I happened to see a copy of the photo of the crew of hmcs Weyburn on e-Bay, which I bought for Morley, and my father and I spent a very good afternoon talking with him about his experiences. The whole country seemed to be wall to wall people; with Canadian, Australian, and American military people everywhere, and the Island seemed to be held up by anti-aircraft balloons. He was with us over Christmas 1943. He was already in the hospital terminally ill when a young military man was brought. ( by Merrill Gillis ) A hellish night to remember. The next day I was off.

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Suddenly there was a thump! With no one about, except a cold quartermaster and bosns mate at the gangway, hmcs algonquin was high and dry for repairs to her port quarter after a mishap in Halifax harbor earlier that year. They had seen the moped and had already stopped so we flagged down the first car that came by for a ride to the hospital. My grandfather Moss was also fighting in Medjez el Bab and a despatch rider and when he learned of Ernies death he tried to find out what had happened. The following experience will follow me for ever and believe me I will never do this again. It traveled much faster than the V1 and almost silently. We grabbed our life jackets before the bell rang for action stations and ran down the narrow passage way to get out on the deck. That was the fastest 35 degree turn I ever did. On this, what would be our final patrol, we had several action stations - no depth charges were dropped. The XO finished his comment by saying that we are not a Tribal class destroyer - with the ships name and badge "Crusader" - they should wear chastity belts when going ashore.

escorts trondheim hookers in oslo

a depth that damaged his ears and was bleeding from ears, eyes and nose slightly. The "Captain's Table" - the podium used for defaulters, which had been lashed in the trunking above my chair in the Cox'n's office had broke loose and crash down on the back of my then vacant chair. Everyone thought he was trying extra hard to stand out for a promotion and didnt like it at all so I put in for my release. While there, we were asked if anyone had experience with playing in a band. He contacted some of the available crew members to interview. Tragically, kootenay has had dark days as well. They preyed upon shipping using quick torpedo attacks. Huff Duff was brought into the wardroom, reprimanded by the duty officer for being awol, and immediately brought up to the captain's cabin, where Lieutenant Bob Douty solemnly conducted a hearing with the four of us from the wardroom as witnesses. A navy ship, without purpose and without brave men to give it life, becomes a rusting relic. During one of our trips to London I had a brush with the latter type. For four days the ship was re-supplied with fuel and ammunition and underwent engine repairs.

At the right time the full order was passed down the voice pipe. The phrase Slow ahead port on, Sir came up the pipe. Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta and then worked and lived in Edmonton. Investigations took place upon their return and I believe "disciplinary" action was taken. But her memory lives on in those who have gone From the lad to the sailor you see. My partner Dave signed. She had more sea boats and even a captain's cutter which was motorized. What I remember about the meals is that they were quite good, especially the bread from the ships bakery. A majority of female escort and female clinic prostitutes gave sexual curiosity as tantric massage bergen livecam free a reason for entering prostitution; many had great interest in sex before becoming prostitutes. Hyacinthe for further training Aug. We went into Belfast, but they wouldnt let us unload the dead and the wounded. I must have been the drunkest because I was way out front until I came to a really tight escorts trondheim hookers in oslo turn across the bay from Hamilton. Good old Americans, stupid like a fox. I could feel my knees wanting to give out, once the danger had passed. They took a picture of us on the boat deck, and Sackville can be seen tied up right next. His parents, William and Lily escorts trondheim hookers in oslo French, desolated at the loss of their son, with only his sister Frances left to them. Avery was replaced by the Executive Officer, lcdr.A.

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Ruthledge, as the Chief GI and for duty in the Commanders Office. She has always been such an important part of my life and who. Having received our orders from a Fairmile we sailed to join an escort group known as 138th. He said he didn't care about that, and that he needed me on board at 07:00 for sailing at 08:00 the next morning, and he did not care what I did with Marjorie. But kootenay's crew was starting to fight back. The alarm was repeated on the ships upper-deck broadcast and controlled pandemonium broke out. This made my 137 English pounds look very good in addition to a tea service. All of them were dead. We were not allowed leave except on Wednesday from 1 pm to 7 pm and on Saturday from noon to midnight. Three shipmates remembered - Submitted by Edward Balkwill hmcs Nipigon operating off Bermuda. . This was judgment call he said because the Engine Room reply gong had only rang twice. As a result of his quick thinking in this engagement, Lieut. From Bermuda we sailed alone to Londonderry Ireland to become the Senior Officer and Leader of Escort Group C-7 which escorted large convoys across the North Atlantic to a position about 100 miles off. I never realized what a current was beside the ship. Being both Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve members, and both from OntarioDon from London, me from Torontoand with similar civilian upbringing and schools, we chatted casually about our lives as we went about our uncomplicated tasks.

escorts trondheim hookers in oslo

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In the New Year's King's Honour List of 1944 I was awarded the British Empire Medal for Meritorious Service and became entitled to use the letters BEM after my name - I never did! Thomson was awarded a "Mentioned in Dispatches" for his role during the Normandy invasion. I went out with a buddy and we rented a car. Neither Harry nor myself could get through the hatch, but our stalwart Ike, the skinny little bugger, fit through there like a glove. I was up on deck by this time to see better what was going. You may not know this, but fast ships like transports did not travel in convoys because they could outrun a submarine.